Mymesin Machinery & Hardware Sdn Bhd
51 & 53, Jalan Stereng 34/6,
Off Jalan Bukit Kemuning,
Seksyen 34,
40000 Shah Alam,
Selangor, Malaysia.
 03-5880 4799

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OMC ST-415 Hand Mower

HARZ HZ-1121 Lawn Mower

HARZ HZ-3425 Portable Power Sprayer

HARZ HZ-3023 Power Sprayer

EUROX EAX7120 Air Compressor

EUROX EAX2524 Air Compressor

EUROX EA3050 Air Compressor

EUROX EAX5030 Oiless & Silent Type Air Compressor

Comfort VM-120 / VM-120S portable evaporative air cooler

Comfort VM-100 / VM-100S portable evaporative air cooler

Comfort VM-65 portable evaporative air cooler

Comfort VM-45 portable evaporative air cooler

Asada TP50S Hand Test Pump

Asada TP50B Hybrid Test Pump

YATO YT-0993 Air Cut-Off Tool

YATO YT-2346 Suction Feed Spray Gun

KUANI KI-5302 3/8'' HD Mini Air Drill

KUANI KI-5320 3/8'' HD Rev Air Drill

KUANI KD-865 1/2'' Heavy Duty Reversible Air Drill

KUANI KI-6305-XJS HD Orbital Air Jitterbug Sander

Expert 200 electronic contact cleaner spray

Expert 100 machine degreaser spray

Expert 400 Penetrant&Lubricant Spray

Expert 300 Multi Purpose Silicone Spray

Vacuum Cleaners -Wet&Dry-Basic YP1/20W&D YS1/20W&D

Vacuum Cleaners -Wet&Dry-Basic YP1/20W&D YS1/20W&D

Vacuum Cleaners -Only Dry-Basic YP1/6ECOB

EuroX Snow Wash Tank SWT50L

EUROX DDH1780 Diesel Engine

EuroX 16" Cut Machine

HARZ HZ-5023 Engine With Water Pump

ISHII Block Cutting Machine IZ-33

CYCLO C944 Ultraweld Epoxy Steel

CYCLO C943 Ultraweld Clear Epoxy

CYCLO C301 Ultraweld Epoxy Stick

CYCLO C904 Ultraweld Headliner Adhesive

UNITE Engine Stand (Heavy duty) 2000 LBS Fix Type

UNITE Engine Stand (Heavy duty) 1250 LBS Fix Type

Tuta tools Setes

Tuta 7 Drawer Tools Cabinet

Working Table FWT920-2

Working Table

Dishes Collecting Cart

Dining Cart FRD-L3



New Aseries Generator LC800-A/LC8000D-A

New Aseries Generator LC6500-A/LC6500D-A

Yato YT-82035 Heavy Duty Impact Drill

Epple Impact Drill

YATO YT-09511 Twin Hammer Impact Wrench

Yato YT-38951 Tool Box 80 PCs Tool [Code : 8876]

Heat-Resistant Eco Hose

Food Hose

List of painting hoses

Joints for painting Hose

Press With Gauge TL0500-2 10 Ton

Pit Stop TL0703 1.5 Ton low position transmission lift hydraulic series

Pit Stop TL0702 1 Ton low position transmission lift hydraulic series

AKH T20232 Hydraulic Bottle Jack

Hitachi G23SW2 230mm (9") Disc Grinder

Hitachi G18SW2 180mm (7") Disc Grinder

Hitachi G18ST 180mm (7") Disc Grinder

Hitachi PDA-100K 4" Angle Grinder

HAMMERKING'S 13021 [Code : 9190]


HAMMERKING'S 13014 [Code : 9189]

HAMMERKING'S 13013 [Code : 9188]

SPV-Series Accessories SPV-300S1-HOSE

SPV-Series Portable Ventilator SPV-300S1-A240F

EUROX EFC1901 Industrial Fan

Pallet Truck

KQ-7 Series Cast Iron Stainless Steel Pumps KQ725x

KQ-7 Series Cast iron Stainless steel Pumps KQ720/KQ725

KQ-7 Series Thermoplastic Pumps

KQ-7 Series Thermoplastic Pumps

Mello TIG 200PD (IGBT Digital Control with PULSE)

Mello ARC 140 Welding Machine [Code : 6857]

Mello MIG 160S [Code : 2068]

WIM MIG 350SEF Welding [Code : 4665]

Bench Drill Press B 16RM

JETMAC 7'' X 12'' Horizontal Metal Band Saw

ASADA 32F Band Saw

ASADA 350A Pipe Saw

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