Mymesin Machinery & Hardware Sdn Bhd
51 & 53, Jalan Stereng 34/6,
Off Jalan Bukit Kemuning,
Seksyen 34,
40000 Shah Alam,
Selangor, Malaysia.
 03-5880 4799

 03-5880 4889
 03-5880 4216
 03-5880 4217


Masport Maxicatch 450ST c/w Engine Lawn Mover (Steel Body) [Code:2878]

Husqvarna chain saw

Husqvarna chain saw

Husqvarna chain saw

Jetmaster VIP 8.130 High Pressure Cleaner [Code: 3741]

Power Jet G3080 High Pressure Cleaner

Atomax-C D1310p4 (Monsoon M12) High Pressure Cleaner 230V (130Bar) [Code:9754]

Nilfisk Industrial Vacuum For Oil & Chips

Jack Stand 6 Ton [Code:3213]

Orimas KS-5 1Ħħ Gear Pump [Code:3210]

Hisaki YP80 Compactor C/W Robin EY-20 Petrol Engine [Code:3203]

Korea BST 1-2 Ton Chain Block [Code:2301/2302/2304/2305]

Universal Vegetable Blender

Universal Fritter

Vegetables Chopping Machine

Mr Mark MK-0308 3 Level Tool Cart Trolley [Code:1587]

Mr Mark MK-4606 1/2Ħħ JPN Type Impact Driver [Code:1291]

Mr Mark MK-16112M 14pcs 6-32mm Combination Spanner Set. [Code:1288]

sanding disc

Meite ST64 Concrete Nailer Gun [Code:3731]

Ken 9710 4" 710W Angle Grinder [Code:3686]

Ikeair DG-201 Mini Did Grinder [Code:3411]

ATS 10316A Dust Dual Action Sander [Code:2288]

DAB K18/500T 4Hp 415V 2 1/2" X 2" Centrifugal Pump [Code: 3301]

DAB K14/400T 2.5HP 415V 2" X 2" Centrifugal Pump [Code:3300]

DAB K12/200T 1Hp 415V 1 1/2" X 1 1/2" Centrifugal Pump [Code:3299]

DAB K11/500T 3HP 415V 2 1/2Ħħ X 2Ħħ Centrifugal Pump [Code:3298]

Safety Helmet [Code:1470]

Mr Mark safety Shoe

Mr Mark safety Shoe

Mr Mark safety Shoe

Trolley 4 Wheel 150LBS [Code:1937]

Icasu 18" 230V Exhaust Fan (FA-46) [Code: 4266]

Swan SHT-30 12" Ventilation Fan

Air Cooler

auto gas cutting machine


Hisaki MIG 260 Welding Machine

Hisaki CUT 60A Welding Machine

wook working machine

wook working machine

wook working machine

wook working machine

Japan Style 25" Tile Cutter [code:3738]

Enga Motor [Code:3169/3171/3175/3176/3177/3179/3180/3181

Okatz MS13V Marble Cutter (without Blade)

Okatz CF2300 14" Cut Off Machine

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