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Tenaka / Tanika / Harz / Okazawa Brush Cutter BG328 Series [Hz-238 - Code: 10221][Okazawa - Code: 9400]

*Random Brand WIill Be Provided*
*Tenaka / Tanika / Harz / Okazawa BG328 akan diberikan berdasarkan ketersediaan stok*

Type: 2 cycle, Single cylinder, Forced air-cooled, Gasoline engine
Displacement: 30.5cc
Max. Output: 0.8

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Brush Cutter Exhaust / Muffler BG328 Series Tenaka Taneka Mesin Rumput BG328 Series
Suitable for tanika tanaka ogawa stihl  ( Brand China Series )
High quality👍🏻

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#Muffler #Exhaust #Ekzos
#BrushCutter #GrassCutter #MesinRumput 
Brush Cutter Cylinder Block Kit Set Mesin Rumput 36MM Taneka Okazawa Ogawa Brand China
# Heavy Duty Series, good quality product
# Plug and Play
# 100% Brand new
# - Piston - Piston Pin -Pin Clip -Piston Ring - Block Assy
Brush Cutter Multipurpose Clutch Shoe Mesin Rumput BG328

Clutch suitable for most type of brush cutter

Brush Cutter Carburetor / Karburator Mesin Rumput BG328 FR3001 Tanika / Ogawa /Brand China
100% brand new and high quality.
Fit for Tanaka FR3001 BG328 Grass Trimmer.
Ideal replacement for the faulty or old carburetor.
Precision manufacturing, stable performance, long service life.
Solid metal construction, oil resistant, anti-corrosion and durable.

Package List:
1 x Carburetor 
 Brush Cutter Recoil Starter Mesin rumput BG328 TANIKA TANAKA STIHL FR3001 OKAZAWA OGAWA Series
Suitable for Tanika /Tanaka/ Stihl/ Victa/ OGAWA and other brand.
High quality plastic and durable.

Brush Cutter Gear Case BG328 Kepala Mesin Rumput For - FR3001/Tanika/BG328 series
- Brand new & ready stock
- 26mm x 4T / Square
- Suitable for STIHL / TANIKA / BG328 Model
Tenaka Backpack Brush cutter Mesin Rumput 4 Stroke 35.8CC *NEW*

Tenaka Backpack Brush cutter Mesin Rumput 4 Stroke 35.8CC *NEW*


Model : BG350

Engine Type : 4-Stroke, Air -cooled

Displacement (cc) : 35.8cc

Rated Output Power : 1.0kW / 6500 rpm

Fuel Tank Capacity : 0.9 L

STIHL FS3001(Straight Shaft) Brush Cutter Mesin Rumput Original

NEW MODEL STIHL FS3001 (Straight Shaft)  - LIGHT & EASY

Technical Data : 
-  Model:  FS3001
-  Weight : 5.5KG

-  Discharging Capacity:  25.5cc
-  Fuel Tank Capacity:  0.7

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Ogawa Backpack Brush Cutter BG328 BG328AK Mesin Rumput Grass Trimmer

• Fuel efficient
• Simple to maintain
• Easy starting and smooth running

[ ]
• Engine type : Air cooled, 2-stroke, single cylinder
• Engine displacement: 30.5 cc
• Power: 0.81 kW
• Carburetor: Float type
• Fuel tank capacity: 1.4

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Ogawa Brush Cutter Apron Baju Mesin Rumput Gardening Tools Tebal I Waterproof
Ogawa Apron Baju Mesin Rumput Tebal I Waterproof

- HIgh Quality
- Kain Tebal
- Waterproof
- Safety
- Pocket Size : 27cm
- Apron Size : 140cm x 94cm
OGAWA LT20N Hand Push Brush Cutter 51.7cc Mesin Tolak Rumput

Features :
# The new design hand push grass cutter is used to replace the old backpack grass 
cutter so that your work can be completed faster and easily.
# The new lawn mower is more suitable for use in more environments, such as 
slopes, farms, and homes for cutting grass.

Specification :
Displacement: 51.7cc
Power: 1.4

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Ogawa LPS-380 Backpack Brush Cutter (4 Stroke Engine) [Code: 10097]

Ogawa Backpack Brush Cutter LPS 380

Specification :    
Brand :    OGAWA
Engine Name :   GX-35 (Honda Style)
Model :    LPS380
Engine Type :    4-Stroke , Air-Cooled
Displacement :    35.8cc
Power :    1.0

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OGAWA Brush Cutter Series Mesin Potong Rumput 33CC / 43CC / 52CC (Heavy Duty) [Code: 10097/10098]

OGAWA Brush Cutter Series Mesin Potong Rumput (Heavy Duty)

* Miracle Starter For Easy Start
* Shaft For easy Operation & am Transport
* Safety Guard For User safety
* Convenient Loop Handle & High Performance

Box Include :
1..Metal Blade (Mata Besi Potong) x 1 pc

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Daewoo DLM4600SP 18" Gasoline Lawnmower Self Propelled 150CC Mesin Tolak Potong Rumput

DAEWOO DLM4600SP 18'' Gasoline Lawn Mower 150CC

Product Specifications:-

- Drive Type :self-propelled

- Engine type : DVO150

- Engine displacement :150cc

- Engine power : 2.7

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Daewoo DABG328 Backpack Brush Cutter 2 Stroke Engine [Code: 10193]

Technical Data :
-Model : DABG328
-Engine Type : Air Cooled, 2 Stroke, Single Cylinder
-Power : 0.8kW
-Displacement : 30.5cc
-No Load Speed : 6,000 rpm
-Idling Speed : 3,000 rpm
-Cutting Diameter : 300 mm
-Diameter Of Aluminium Pipe : 26 mm
-Fuel Tank Capacity : 1.2

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Harz HZ-1016 Backpack Brush Cutter
Harz brush cutters are built to work it tough working condition, besides trimming grass around home, garden and landscape maintenance, backpack brush cutter are well suited on steep, overgrond slopes and narrow ditches locations.