Water Pump

MEDAS Deep Well Submersible Pump Series


Model: R50-07-07
Max Head: 70m
Voltage/Frequency: 240V - 50Hz
Max Flow: 23L/min
Power: 550W
Speed: 2850r/min
Outlet: 3/4"
20 Meter wire
Length 744mm


Model: R75-T-32

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Medas DC20V Cordless Submersible Pump 20V

Power: 20V
Max Flow: 42 L/min
Max Head: 26.4 Mete
Inlet/ Outlet: 1” / 1”
Running Time: 58min
1x 20V Lithium Battery 2.0AH
1x 20V Charger
Fast Charging 1 hour

1x Battery Pack + 1x Charger
Running Time 58min
6 Month Warranty

Tsunami Pump BJA Series Main Pipe Assist Pressure Pump (Model : BJA-250/ BJA -370/ BJA-550/ BJA-750 ) Water Pump [Code: 10184 / 10183]

Tsunami Water Pump - BJA Series Main Pipe Assist Pressure Pump

Pump Features:
Noiseless, Water Resistant
Pressure Gauge Indicate
Suitable install for:
Water Meter (Main Pipe) or Water Tank

*Model : BJA-250
-Power : 0.25kW
-Horse Power : 0.35HP
-Voltage / Frequency : 240v / 50Hz
-Max Flow : 2.0

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 Tsunami Swimming Pool Water Pump Self-Priming Water Pump SCPB100 SCPB200 SCPB300 1HP/2HP/3HP

Tsunami Pump Tsunami Swimming Pool Water Pump Self-Priming Water Pump For Swiming Pool Recycle Water

Tsunami Swimming Pool water pump is self-priming low-head pump ideal for water feature applications such as small fountains, waterfalls and garden/koi ponds.

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Tado YGP200A Cast lron Pump Body Stainless Steel Automatic Home Water Pump (0.25HP)

TADO YGP200A Automatic Water Pump (Japan Technology) / Pump Air / Electric Pump / Booster Pump 

The Automatic booster system consists of a water pump, an airtight pressure tank, and an pressure switch. The specially designed structure make it better appearance and performance.

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Ogawa 2 INCH / 3 INCH 7HP Engine Water Pump OK50E / OK80E Pam Air Self Priming Pump


2" Water Pump With 7hp Gasoline Petrol Engine
Brand : Ogawa
Model : Ok50E
Power : 7hp
Max Capacity : 550liter/min
Max Meter Head : 26 Meter
Max Suction : 8 Meter
Size ( Inlet - Outlet) :2"- 2"
Fuel Tank Capacity : 3.6

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Ogawa OH50E High Pressure Engine Water Pump 1.5/2 inch (4 Stroke)

[ Features ]
- Power by Ogawa 7.0HP gasoline engine
- 2 inches high pressure gasoline water pump
- Air-cooled, 4-stroke, single cylinder, OHV
- Pump head material aluminum
- Mechanical seal material ceramic carbon

- Model: OH50E
- Maximum power output: 7.0HP
- Fuel tank capacity: 3.6

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Tsunami Water Pump CMF Series Automatic Food Grade Stainless Steel Home Water Pump

A durable Stainless Steel water pump to provide consistent, reliable water pressure throughout your house event with multiple running concurrently. Its food grade stainless steel casing is more hygiene to use for cleaning food.

Product SKU: CMF2-30-K
Size (length*width*height): 44cm x 33cm x 42cm
kW / Hp: 0.37kW / 0.5

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Ogawa SY450R Portable Engine Power Sprayer 2 Stroke High Pressure Sprayer Water Pump

Easy To carry

[ Product Specifications ]

Model : SY450R

Horsepower : 1.2 HP

Fuel Tank Capacity : 0.6L

Pump Normal Operating Pressure : 1 - 2.5MPa

Suction : 8 - 10L/Min

Displacement : 25.6cc

Engine Type : Forced Air Cool , 2 Cycle

Max. Output : 0.9

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Tsunami CMH-K Series Booster Pump with PC [Code: 10099/ 10100/ 10101]

Product Specification about Tsunami CMH Series Booster Pump

Durable Home Water Pump 
CMH Provides Consistant, Reliable water pressure throughout  your house even with multiple taps running concurrently.
- Segmental multistage stainless steel pump.
- Cast iron inlet and outlet.
- Advanced welding equipment, heat treatment.<

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Daewoo DAEAUTO500AX  Automatic Self-Priming Water Pump / Home Booster Pump / Pam Air Rumah 500W

Quality product by DAEWOO ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­
Durable and sturdy, excellent quality! ­­­­­
Elegant and practical. ­­­­­
Designed with the ergonomic handle, it is comfortable ­­­­­
It is very easy and convenient to wear.<

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