Pam Air

MY Hyundai Automatic Home Booster Pump | 0.5HP / 0.75HP | Pam Air

[ Product Specifications For HDMH2-30 ]
Voltage 220-240V / 50Hz
Power 0.37kW (0.50HP)
Current 2.3A
Rated Flow 2.0m3/hour (33L/min)
Max. Flow 3.

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KAMU KAP-500PM Pro Permanent Magnet Variable Frequency Household Pump 500W 230V
Model KAP-500PM Max. Flow 4.8m³/h Rated Flow 2m³/h Max. Head 45m Nominal Head 27m Max. Power 500W / 240V / 50Hz Max. Water Temperature 75°C
SHIMGE SGJW-S Series Self-Priming Jet Pump 0.5HP & 1HP & 1.5HP | Pam Air Kebun Fertigasi Rumah Water Booster Pump

[ Produk Keterangan ]
SGJW-S ( 0.5HP / 1.0HP / 1.5HP ) Manual (on/off)
- Cast Iron Impeller Pump
- 2 dalam 1 (sedut dan tolak air)
- Tolak air : > 52 meter
Jika tolak diatas tanah max 520meter tanpa belok
- Sesuai untuk Pertanian/Perindustrian
* KHAS untuk air SEDIKIT jarak JAUH.

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Hyundai HSA250 Submersible Pump  (Non Auto) Pam Kolam Ikan 250W

[ Product Features For HSA250 (Non-Auto) ]

- Quickly & Efficient Drain
- On/Off Automatically
- Long Life Service Time
- Overload Protection

Suction Up To Minimum 1mm Water Lever

-Brand: Hyundai
-Model: HSA250
-Power: 250W
-Max Head: 6m (18 Feet)
-Max Flow Rate: 75 L/Min

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SHIMGE ( SHFm5AM/SHFm6A ) 2Hp/3Hp Centrifugal Surface Water Pump [Code: 10342]

Model SHFm5AM SHFm6A Voltage 200-240V 50Hz
(Single phase) 200-240V 50Hz
(Single phase) Power 1500W (2.0HP) 2200W (3.0HP) Max. Head 23 meter 18.5 meter Max. Suction Depth 7 meter 7 meter max.

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Pecker PK138 Automatic Self-Priming Water Pump

Applications :
Groundwater Lift, Water Supply to Cistern
Pressure Boosting System For Water Supply
Pressure Boosting System For Boiler, Solar & Air to  Water heating
GP Series Auto Self-Priming Water Pump
Convenient and Energy-Saving Due to Pressure Switch and Tank
Motor Built With thermal Protector for safety
Low motor

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Neovin CC-S630 Centrifugal Water Pump Pam Air Kebun  1"x1" (1HP)

- Suitable for use with clean water and liquids that are not chemically aggressive towards the materials from which the pump is made.

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Shimge SGT SERIES Centrifugal Pumps 4/5.5/20/30 HP I ( 2" x 1.25" )( 2.5" x 2" )Pump Head

[ Product Specification ]

Model : SGT32-160/3

Voltage 415V

power  : 4.0Hp

Max head : 35 meter

Max Flow Rate : 350L/min

Max. Height : 35m

Port size : 2″ Inlet

Port size : 1.

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Shimge CPM Series Centrifugal Water Pump | Farm Irrigation 0.5HP - 3.0HP (Non Auto)

Applications Fields

The CPM centrifugal pump is suitable for conveying clean water with a temperature not exceeding 80 ° C or a liquid having a physicochemical property similar to clean water. It is suitable for pumping water, car washing, fountain water supply, garden irrigation, etc. in domestic wells.

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Tsunami Koi Fish Submersible Pump HQP250 / HQP350 Pam Kolam Ikan

Features :-
-Reliable and Long-Lasting
-Can pump water at very low level up to 2mm.
-Energy Saving with vortex impaller design.
-Corrosion and wear resistant with ceramic motor shaft and bearing.
-Safe operation with thermal protection.
-Unique structure with less sediment.
-Applicable to fresh or salt water pond.

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Ogawa 2 INCH / 3 INCH 7HP Engine Water Pump OK50E / OK80E Pam Air Self Priming Pump


2" Water Pump With 7hp Gasoline Petrol Engine
Brand : Ogawa
Model : Ok50E
Power : 7hp
Max Capacity : 550liter/min
Max Meter Head : 26 Meter
Max Suction : 8 Meter
Size ( Inlet - Outlet) :2"- 2"
Fuel Tank Capacity : 3.

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Tsunami Water Pump CMF Series Automatic Food Grade Stainless Steel Home Water Pump

A durable Stainless Steel water pump to provide consistent, reliable water pressure throughout your house event with multiple running concurrently. Its food grade stainless steel casing is more hygiene to use for cleaning food.

Product SKU: CMF2-30-K
Size (length*width*height): 44cm x 33cm x 42cm
kW / Hp: 0.37kW / 0.

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Ogawa OK25N 2 Stoke Petrol Engine Water Pump 1" (25mm)

[ Specifications ]

- Model : OK25N

- Displacement : 30.5 cc

- Power : 0.8kW / 6000 rpm

- Flow Rate : 8m^3 / H

- Total Head : 20 M

- Max Suction : 8 M

- Inlet & Outlet : 1"x 1"

- Dimension : 26 x 37 x 48 (CM)

- Net Weight : 8 KG

OGAWA OK25S 2-Stroke Petrol Engine Water Pump 1" (25mm) Pam Air

Model : OK25S

Power Type : 2-Stroke

Power : 1.2 kW / 6500 RPM/min

Displacement : 42.7cc

Fuel Tank Capacity : 0.

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Tsunami CMH-K Series Booster Pump with PC [Code: 10099/ 10100/ 10101]

Product Specification about Tsunami CMH Series Booster Pump

Durable Home Water Pump 
CMH Provides Consistant, Reliable water pressure throughout  your house even with multiple taps running concurrently.
- Segmental multistage stainless steel pump.
- Cast iron inlet and outlet.
- Advanced welding equipment, heat treatment.

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Daewoo DAEAUTO500AX  Automatic Self-Priming Water Pump / Home Booster Pump / Pam Air Rumah 500W

Quality product by DAEWOO ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­
Durable and sturdy, excellent quality! ­­­­­
Elegant and practical. ­­­­­
Designed with the ergonomic handle, it is comfortable ­­­­­
It is very easy and convenient to wear.

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Okazawa P150B2 / P150B2.C Automatic Self-Priming Water Pump With Cover / No Cover [Code: 10046]

Okazawa P150B2 / P150B2.C Auto Water Pump with Cover / No Cover

- Suitable For 2 - 3 Bathrooms

- Automatic Pump

- Brass Impeller

- High Efficiency

- Three Times Testing

- Auto Thermal Protector


[ Product Specifications ]

Model : P150B2 / P150B2.C

Horsepower : 0.

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