Booster Pump

Daewoo DAEAUTO500AX Electric Automatic Self-Priming Booster Pump 500W [Code: 10327]
Model : DAEAUTO500AX
Voltage : 220-240V 50Hz (Single phase)
Power : 500W
Speed : 2850rpm
Max. head : 45m
Max. flow : 2700L/hour (45L/min)
Max. suction : 8m
Suction / discharge diameter : 1-inch (25mm)
EVERGUSH V-Series Automatic Booster Pump complete with JAPAN Switch

Model V460APH V460ASH V260AHJ V460AHJ Power 0.5HP 0.5HP 0.25HP 0.5HP Voltage 420V 420V 420V 420V Factory Pressure Setting On: 1.8kg/cm²

Off: 2.8kg/cm² On: 1.8kg/cm²

Off: 2.8kg/cm² On: 1.

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SHIMGE PW Series Surface Booster Pump | Bypass Automatic Stop & Run Pam Rumah 0.17HP - 1HP

[ Product Overview ]
*PW-F model equip with (Digital Display Function) and also come with (Pressure Sensor and Flow Switch), which means when the pressure sensor was malfunction, the pressure switch alone still able to start or stop the pumps. Flow Switch with self-rotation function to avoid dust accumulation.

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Tsunami Water Pump CMF Series Automatic Food Grade Stainless Steel Home Water Pump

A durable Stainless Steel water pump to provide consistent, reliable water pressure throughout your house event with multiple running concurrently. Its food grade stainless steel casing is more hygiene to use for cleaning food.

Product SKU: CMF2-30-K
Size (length*width*height): 44cm x 33cm x 42cm
kW / Hp: 0.37kW / 0.

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Tsunami CMH-K Series Booster Pump with PC [Code: 10099/ 10100/ 10101]

Product Specification about Tsunami CMH Series Booster Pump

Durable Home Water Pump 
CMH Provides Consistant, Reliable water pressure throughout  your house even with multiple taps running concurrently.
- Segmental multistage stainless steel pump.
- Cast iron inlet and outlet.
- Advanced welding equipment, heat treatment.

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Daewoo DAEAUTO500AX  Automatic Self-Priming Water Pump / Home Booster Pump / Pam Air Rumah 500W

Quality product by DAEWOO ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­
Durable and sturdy, excellent quality! ­­­­­
Elegant and practical. ­­­­­
Designed with the ergonomic handle, it is comfortable ­­­­­
It is very easy and convenient to wear.

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Panasonic A-130 Jack Automatic Water Pump [Code: 2048]

Auto Pump 125watt
Max. Total Head: 27M
Maximum Capacity: 30 liters/minute
Capacity at 12m: 18 liters/minute
Power Suction: 9 meters
Maximum Total Head: 29 meters
Motor Power : 125 watts
Switch On Pressure: 1.1 kgf/cm2 S
witch Off Pressure: 1.

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Shimge BWI Series Automatic Booster Pump 0.5HP / 0.75HP / 1.0HP Home Centrifugal Water Pump (With PC)

[ Product Features ]

- Automatic Function

- Quiet Operation

- Longer Life Span

- Energy Saving

- Quality Assurance

- Easy Installation

- Suitable For 3 - 5 Bathrooms (Concurrently)

- ( Fully Stainless Steel ) SUS304 Flow Passage Part (No Corrosion)

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