TSUNAMI Deep Well Water Pump Series Bore Pump / Deep Pump ULTRA SLIM WITH SCREW IMPELLER

Tsunami Pump S/Steel Screw Impeller Submersible Pump..
Model :  R50-G-07 , Model : R75-T-32

Tsunami 2" Deep Well Pump - Single Phase - 0.5 HP
The deep well pump is submersible, and is single phase with 0.5 horsepower. The water pump is constructed out of corrosion-resistant materials.

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Tsunami Koi Fish Submersible Pump HQP250 / HQP350 Pam Kolam Ikan

Features :-
-Reliable and Long-Lasting
-Can pump water at very low level up to 2mm.
-Energy Saving with vortex impaller design.
-Corrosion and wear resistant with ceramic motor shaft and bearing.
-Safe operation with thermal protection.
-Unique structure with less sediment.
-Applicable to fresh or salt water pond.

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Tsunami HPC6120 High Pressure Cleaner 1300W / 100Bar Induction Motor Water Jet

[ Product Specifications For HPC6120 ]

Model : HPC6120

Motor Power : 1300W

Voltage : 240V / 50HZ

Rated Pressure : 70 Bar

Max. Pressure : 100 Bar

Rated Flow : 6.0L / min

Max. Flow : 6.5L / min


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Tsunami TVC-S15 3 In 1 Industrial Dust & Water Vacuum Cleaner 15L Wet/Dry/Blow

Tsunami Industrial Dust & Water Vacuum Cleaner (Wet / Dry / Blow) Series
*Brand new and high quality design.*

Model: Tsunami TVC-S15

Voltage / Frequency: 240 V- 50 Hz
Power: 1000 W
Tank Capacity: 15 Litre
Vacuity: > 16Kpa
Suction hose diameter: 32 mm
Suction hose length: 1.

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Tsunami HPC6090 110Bar 1400W High Pressure Cleaner Water Jet Car Wash

Product Specifications :
-Rated Voltage : 240V/50Hz
-Rated Power : 1400W
-Rated Pressure : 80bar
-Max. Pressure : 110bar
-Rated Flow : 5.5L/Min
-Max. Flow : 6.5L/Min
-Max. Water Inlet Pressure : 1.2MPa
-Max. Water Inlet Temperature : 50°C
-Sound Pressure Level (K=3dB(A)):LpA : 74.

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Tsunami HPC7140 Water Jet High Pressure Cleaner 140BAR

•    Tsunami Electric Pressure Washer or Jet Washer delivers a high efficiency cleaning
•    Premium performance in a compact package
•    Tackles any cleaning project around the home.

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Tsunami HPC7180 Water Jet Sprayer High Pressure Cleaner 170BAR


- ONE (1) Year Warranty

- Invented By Japan Technology

- Equipped With An Adjustable Nozzle; Handle Tough Cleaning Jobs Easily

- Suitable For Household & Light Industrial Cleaning Use

- Clean & Stylish Design With Premium Looks

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Tsunami CMH-K Series Booster Pump with PC [Code: 10099/ 10100/ 10101]

Product Specification about Tsunami CMH Series Booster Pump

Durable Home Water Pump 
CMH Provides Consistant, Reliable water pressure throughout  your house even with multiple taps running concurrently.
- Segmental multistage stainless steel pump.
- Cast iron inlet and outlet.
- Advanced welding equipment, heat treatment.

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