OGAWA XR220 173CC 22" Brush Cutter / Mesin Pemotong Rumput

- Durable
- Powerful
- 22" / 56CM cutting width
- 173cc Engine 
- 14" Wheels

- Brand : OGAWA 
- Model : XR220
- Engine Power : 173CC
- Cutting Width : 56CM / 22" 
- Cutting Height : 1.5

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OGAWA Lubricant 2t Oil 5L Outboard TCW-3 Suitable For Agricultural 2 Stroke Engine

•Europower /OGAWA oils are optimized according to the development of their engines. 
• Homemade blends, it is specially formulated for high performance air cooled 2-stroke engines.

• Mixed ratio: 1 : 50
• Measurement: 5L

• Keep out of reach children.

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Ogawa TU33 32.6CC/ TU43 42.7CC Mitsubishi Engine Brush Cutter Original

Brush Cutter TU33 Series

- Brand : Ogawa 
- Model : TU33
- Engine : Mitsubishi air-cooled, 2-stroke, piston valve method gasoline engine 
- Engine Model : TU33
- Displacement : 32.6CC
- Max Output : 1.3kW (1.7

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OGAWA PS280 25.4CC Gasoline Pole Pruner Saw / Pole Saw (12" Saw Chain) 2 Stroke

Diameter of cylinder (MM): 34
Discharging capacity: 25.4cc
Max power: 0.75kw / 7500R / MIN
Type of carburetor: Diaphragm
Blade length (INCH): 12
Guide bar (INCH): 12
Hedge trimmer length (MM): 1050 x 330 x (280 x 110)
N.W. / G.W (KG): 9 / 10.5

OGAWA Gasoline 7HP Petrol Engine 19mm Key Type / Thread Type 212CC Engine

OGAWA Gasoline 7HP Petrol Engine 19mm Key Type / Thread Type 7HP Engine 212cc

Product Details Of OGAWA Gasoline 7hp Petrol Engine 19mm Key Type
- The Ohv Design Enhances Combustion Efficiency
- A Variable Ignition Timing (Digital Cdi) Results In High Power Output, Reduced Fuel Consumption And Excellent Exhaust Emissions Performance.<

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Ogawa OCC30 Industrial Carpet Vacuum Cleaner 30L Heavy Duty

Ogawa Industrial Carpet Vacuum Cleaner OCC30 30L

Motor Power : 1000 watts
Voltage : 220 - 240V
Capacity : 30L
Air Flow Rate : 106 L/S
Pump Pressures : 30 PSI
Hose Diameter : 40mm
Water Suction Width : 250 mm(big) / 85mm(small)
Cable Length : 8m
Packing Dimension : 52 x 42 x 85 cm
N.W / G.W

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OGAWA ERD290 25.4CC Engine Drill 7500RPM (High Engine Power)

- Heavy-duty keyled chuck holds up to 1/2" drill shank.
- Ergonomic front handle provides a comfortable grip for long hours of operation.
- Reversing feature for maximum operator convenience and versatility.
- Pro-Fire@ Electronic Ignition for quick, casy starts.
- Throttle lock-out prevents accidental drill bit rotation.<

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Ogawa Gasoline Inverter Generator C/W Accessories GW5000i GW7500i 3600Rpm

OGAWA Inverter Generator (GW5000I)

- 15L Fuel Tank Capacity 
- Single Phase
- Recoil Starter
- OHV engine 
- Ignition System transistor

▪️ Engine 
- Engine type : Single Cylinder, 4 stroke , air-cooled, cylinder center oblique 25°
- Displacement : 223CC

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Ogawa Grass Brush Cutter Trimmer Line 2.4MM (Square)

A string trimmer uses a monofilament line to cut through grass, weeds, and small, woody plants. By spinning at a high speed, a cutting head generates enough centrifugal force to hold the line out at a stiff, horizontal angle, making cutting possible.

2.4mm Trimmer line for grass cutting.
450g / roll.
Excellent Efficiency.<

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OGAWA Metal Grass Trimmer Cutter Disc Head With Trimmer Line 3.5MM Piring Mesin Rumput

Brand : Ogawa

- Designed for safety first of all.

- Accessible to every nook and corner even where there are stones and hences.

- Installing the cord is a cinch.

- The cord is as hard and durable as steel.

- Compact, sturdy and few from breakdown.

- Maneuverable for easy and efficient operation.<

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Ogawa 2 INCH / 3 INCH 7HP Engine Water Pump OK50E / OK80E Pam Air Self Priming Pump


2" Water Pump With 7hp Gasoline Petrol Engine
Brand : Ogawa
Model : Ok50E
Power : 7hp
Max Capacity : 550liter/min
Max Meter Head : 26 Meter
Max Suction : 8 Meter
Size ( Inlet - Outlet) :2"- 2"
Fuel Tank Capacity : 3.6

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Ogawa Backpack Brush Cutter BG328 BG328AK Mesin Rumput Grass Trimmer

• Fuel efficient
• Simple to maintain
• Easy starting and smooth running

[ ]
• Engine type : Air cooled, 2-stroke, single cylinder
• Engine displacement: 30.5 cc
• Power: 0.81 kW
• Carburetor: Float type
• Fuel tank capacity: 1.4

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Ogawa Mist Duster & Mist Blower SS300SK,SS300MK,SS300LK 14L/20L/26L 41.5CC

OGAWA SS300SK (14Liter) / SS300MK (20Liter)  / SS300LK (26Liter)

[ Features ]

- Easy Operation

- Low vibration

- Light Weight with Comfortable Wide Pad

- Professional application for all types of Misting/ Dusting / Seeding Application

- Ideal Misting/ Dusting around garden, greenhouse and vegetable plots


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Ogawa OH50E High Pressure Engine Water Pump 1.5/2 inch (4 Stroke)

[ Features ]
- Power by Ogawa 7.0HP gasoline engine
- 2 inches high pressure gasoline water pump
- Air-cooled, 4-stroke, single cylinder, OHV
- Pump head material aluminum
- Mechanical seal material ceramic carbon

- Model: OH50E
- Maximum power output: 7.0HP
- Fuel tank capacity: 3.6

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Ogawa Mist Sprayer Knapsack Sprayer Engine Sprayer Series 15L / 20L / 25L (2 Stroke Engine)

Ogawa Knapsack Engine Sprayer
Backpack, Easy-operating type of power sprayer set. Suitable for fruit tree farm, pandemic prevention, and etc. Visit our store for all types of consumable materials & spare parts.

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OGAWA SP16LB / SP18LB 16L Battery Sprayer Pam Racun


- Just Charge And Spray

- Lightweight Design; Portable

- 4 Pieces Of Nozzle Head Available For Different Spray

Product Specifications :

Model : SP16LE & SP18LE

Tank Capacity : 16L & 18L

Battery : 12V / 8Ah

Working Pressure : 0.15 - 0.4

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